EHFM Token - eHailingFM Utility Token

The ERC20 Token for global eHailingFM services and functionality needs. Just load it up and ready for the next big things.


Features you love


Easy To Use

Ready to support any ERC20 based Ethereum wallet. EHFM utility token will serve as an internal currency for eHailingFM customers. As eHailingFM grows fast, the tokens will be in great demand

Usage Globally

EHFM utility token will serve as Internal payment system and Loyalty Program and will give benefits for holders, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and much more features to come


Ethereum based Blockchain technology and partnered with a well known wallet provider. EHFM Token also have a BuyBack programme.

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Total Supply : 100,000,000
Total Distribute : 96,000,000
Contract Address : 0xe0fc885564eedf2803647e320552fe0c1d12ba25

Pre-Sale (Private) : 10,000,000
Sale (Public) : 80,000,000
Bounty : 4,000,000
Advisor : 2,000,000
Development : 3,000,000
Founding Members : 1,000,000

Price Per Token (PPT)
Phase 1 Public Sale PPT : 0.00025 ETH (Start : 15th Oct 2019)
Phase 2 Public Sale PPT : 0.00028 ETH (Start : 15th Dec 2019)
BuyBack PPT : 0.00030 ETH (15th January 2021)
BuyBack PPT : 0.00033 ETH (15th June 2021)

Soft Cap : 30,000.000
Hard Cap : 80,000,000

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Bounty Program



eHailingFM needs the team of marketer / influencer to participate on promoting eHailingFM globally.

Marketing Tools

eHailingFM will provides marketing material (either printed or electronic) to bounty participant.


eHailingFM will rewards all bounty participant accordingly based on performance. Communication will be done via Telegram

KYC Requirement

In order to prevent possible centralization of tokens in a single set of hands, the maximum token threshold has been setup.

All sale above 100,000 token will be available only to individuals and companies who have submit the KYC procedure.

KYC Form
  • 1
    Get an ERC20 Wallet

    To make use of EHFM utility token, you must use either METAMASK, Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet or Ethereum Wallet.

  • 2
    Use it on eHailingFM

    Use your EHFM utility token to purchase ads placement, buy service and others at eHailing.FM (website or apps)

  • 3
    Exchange Token

    When EHFM being listed on major exchanger, you can easily exchange this token to others token or directly to ETHEREUM


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use EHFM Token?

EHFM Token can be use to buy ads or service and/or get paid on eHailingFM ecosystem.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept payment via BTC / ETH. Nevertheless, for a private buyer, we can negotiate a payment in CASH via money transfer or direct deposit after KYC process has been approved.

Can I transfer my EHFM Token to anyone?

Yes, you can exchange or transfer your token to everyone who have a ERC20 based wallet.

Why I need to do KYC process?

The process of Know Your Customer (KYC) is a part of exercise to comply with Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act. If you order more than 10,000 token, you are subjected to comply this.

Use Anywhere

Available for all major ERC20 token on mobile, web and desktop wallet platforms.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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